Wednesday, 9 October 2019

The Glove Paintings of One Shoe Mickey

Hart Club 
Liver & Lights 

The Glove Paintings 
One Shoe Mickey

The current Liver and Lights project is called 
One Shoe Mickey and started out three years ago as a 
collection of lost gloves collected  from the streets 
of London and made into a costume.

The costume, when worn by the artist, becomes transformed

into  the character One Shoe Mickey, a heartbroken former 
refugee whose sanity is seemingly unravelled by the horrors 
of the long road.

Believing the gloves are his lost family, Mickey makes 
paintings of the gloves which he hopes will help to reunite 
them with their lost partners.

This exhibition  at Hart Club gallery contains all the paintings 
made by Mickey and a new book written by him being 

Liver & Lights No 58:The Burger of Truth

which will be given out Free to the first 30 people who come 
to the private view on Thursday 14th November 2019  6-9 pm

Bonesandtheaft will also give a special performance 
of  the One Shoe Mickey song Cycle and other   favourite 
tunes on Friday 22nd Nov at 7 pm

For more information about the project, Liver & Lights 
and Hart Club, see attachment….

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